Apple HomePod Review

Apple’s HomePod is one of the best speakers available at its $300 price point, boasting excellent sound quality, compatibility with Siri, and control of most smart home devices you may require in your residence. Not only that, but its aesthetic worddocx design complements your Apple home perfectly.

Its design is minimalistic, featuring a glass top that looks more like a touchpad than a button. You can tap, double-tap, triple-tap or press and hold to activate Siri or play/pause songs. There are virtual + and – buttons for volume control but the glass top remains blank otherwise.

Audio Quality

Just like its predecessor, the new hdxwallpaper HomePod speaker is tailored for voice and features advanced spatial awareness, room sensing and computational audio processing that adjusts its sound in real-time based on ambient sounds. It supports Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos for music that sounds as if it’s coming from above, below or all around you.

That’s an impressive feature, but it does make listening to music with vocals harder as they tend to get crushed and distorted at higher telesup volumes. That’s a minor quibble and won’t bother most people much; however, some music enthusiasts might find the tuning slightly off-putting.

The new HomePod also has improved tone happn controls with preset bass reduction levels so you can listen to songs without it getting too boomy. Furthermore, the speaker boasts improved ambient noise performance which means it picks up voice better in noisy settings.

It has a more natural sound separation roobytalk than some rivals, ensuring the highs don’t get drowned out by the lows and bass doesn’t overpower mids. This is an improvement over Google Home Max which often sounds too harsh when playing louder songs with vocals in them.

Siri’s integration has been enhanced, now enabling you to send messages via voice command (though an iPhone is required). Furthermore, HomePods within a home can intercom between each other for added convenience when guests ask Siri something. Plus, using Siri for setting an alarm or checking the weather has never been simpler!


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