How Many Business Cards Should I Bring to a Conference?

There is no denying that business cards are an essential item to bring to a conference. Not only do they increase the chance of making genuine connections with attendees, but they also provide you with an opportunity to leverage conversations, exchange cards and make a lasting impression. Here are some tips for making the most of your conference experience. Listed below are some of the benefits of carrying business cards. The first advantage: they’re easy to carry.

A custom notebook can help you keep track of contacts you meet at a conference. Besides the contact information, you can keep track of what was discussed and how to connect after the conference. You should also take the time to follow up on your contacts, so make notes of their digital introductions. However, if you can’t attend a conference, you can use your notebook to write down the names and contact information of your conference contacts.

Design and material. A lot of business card manufacturers offer many different styles. Some have multiple colors and textures, while others are square, round, or folded. If you want to make your card stand out from the rest, include a logo or a personal photo. If you’re an innovative tech person, you can even add a QR code that can send people to your website. Many people use these to give out at conferences.

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