Movies Daily – What’s New in 2018?

Movies Daily is an ongoing web series, featuring a new movie every day, based on the concept that everyone has a secret movie lover. The 16-year-old protagonist, Rhiannon, falls in love with a mysterious spirit, A, and finds out that she inhabits a different body each day. They try to find each other each day, but the reality of loving someone who changes every 24 hours makes their relationship all the more difficult.

A Trip to the Moon, 1902

A Trip to the Moon is a 1902 French adventure short film. It was directed by Georges Melies and based on a novel by Jules Verne fullformsadda.

The movie features an ensemble cast of French theatrical performers. The cast members include: Professor Barbenfouillis (Georges Melies), President Barbenfouillis, King of the Selenites, and astronomers.

The story of A Trip to the Moon follows the astronomers on an expedition to the moon. In addition, the film shows mishaps with hostile aliens informenu.

A Trip to the Moon is considered one of the first science fiction films. Its visuals are beautiful and innovative. Moreover, the scenes have intricate production design and complex motion.


Those who are fans of classic anime may be pleased to hear that there is a new streaming service in town. This one is dedicated to the heyday of anime, and you can get it for free etvhindu!

RetroCrush is a video-on-demand app that’s a bit like channel surfing. It broadcasts classic anime 24 hours a day. Some of the titles on offer include Love Hina and Ashita no Joe. The app is also accompanied by a YouTube channel that posts clips from series.

The service is available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android and iOS devices. You can even view it via the web browser if you’re feeling particularly nostalgic. While the app itself is ad-free, you’ll need to shell out $5 for the service’s premium subscription dishportal.

Shemaroo Bollywood

One of India’s leading media companies, Shemaroo, has launched a new channel showcasing the best of Bollywood. This is one of the many ways in which the company satisfies the content needs of the Indian diaspora. The content will be available on several platforms.

The Shemaroo brand has been around for more than six decades. In the present day it is a multimedia powerhouse spanning several countries and genres. It has also become the preferred partner for many media outlets. For example, it has a tie up with BookMyShow and PVR Pictures. Besides, it is the first Indian company to launch a free ad-supported streaming TV channel for Bollywood movies mhtspace.

Maverick Free Black Cinema

The Maverick Free Black Cinema is a free movie channel on the Roku platform. As the name suggests, it is all about the films starring black actors. You can check it out through the Roku Channel Store or Amazon Appstore.

While it might not be the first place to check out, the Maverick Free Black Cinema does boast a reasonably sizeable library of quality content. From cult classics to the latest and greatest in the Black cinema universe, you’ll be sure to find something on the menu interbiography.

One of the coolest aspects of the channel is that it’s free. Unlike many of its competitors, you’ll be able to watch your favorite stars and award-winning filmmakers in the comfort of your own home.

Dark Matter TV

Dark Matter, an Apple TV+ series, is coming to the network in 2018. It’s based on a four-issue comic book and will be executive produced by Blake Crouch and Joel Edgerton overallnetworth.

The first season of Dark Matter will consist of nine episodes. It will air on Fridays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

The plot of the Dark Matter series follows the crew of a spaceship with no memory of their past. When six people awaken in the ship, they discover it has been left on life support. They are then confronted with a series of mysteries that they must solve techybio.

Space Channel

If you like space, you’ll like Space Channel Movies Daily. The channel features some of the best sci-fi and fantasy programs on television. Whether you’re looking to watch a blockbuster, a mini-series or a nifty infographic, you’ll find it on the channel.

Space Channel is part of CTV Sci-Fi Channel, an English-language specialty channel owned by Bell Media and Bell Media’s parent company, Rogers Media. It launched on October 17, 1997. Before CTV, it was known as Space. Since then, it’s been owned by Bell Media, CHUM Limited and CTVglobemedia. Now, it’s part of the VIZIO SmartCast platform.

One of the most impressive features of the channel is its Top 10 countdown. The top 10 is hosted by Kim Poirier and includes a few of the most popular Space-related titles historyglow.

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