The Suggestion to increase organic CTR for your website.

Suggest ways to increase organic CTR for your website.

Use heading tags correctly to increase content clarity.

Heading Tags are what websites use to define different headings. On the page, what is the main topic, minor topics, so that Google can see the structure of that page more, which will also affect SEO รับทำ SEO as well if they are not arranged properly. A good way to arrange Heading Tags is sorted from the big headings like H1 to H2 H3 H4,… and so on in order of importance. Shouldn’t be written jumping around and there can be only one H1. The structure is shown in the figure below.

Match your headlines and content to people’s search intent.

Before writing the content out You should first study what keywords people search for, such as to find out, to find ways to buy, etc., because keywords have different search intentions. for example

– Navigational keywords that people search to navigate to something, for example, people searching for Subaru Website indicates that they want to go to that website. If you make the content of the article, it should be relevant and lead to the said website.

– Informational keywords that people search for information, such as people searching for the word What’s a good car? Content that comes out should provide information and answer this question that people are searching for.

– Keyword type Commercial Investigation That people search for comparison or decision, such as Subaru VS Nissan, shows that people are comparing 2 cars like this. Content should come out in terms of comparison as people want to know.

Transactional type keywords That people search to buy, such as Buy Subaru Forester, shows that people want to buy this car. The content should be a trading page for this car model.

Add images and videos.

Adding images or videos to website pages In addition to helping to make that page It looks interesting and has more comprehensive content. It is also a favorite of Google because Google likes web pages with a variety of media, but should know how to optimize for these images and videos to have a chance to rank higher on Google, that is, adding ALT to additional images. there

Optimize the image

If you use large images inevitably results in a slow loading website Of course, it affects the User Experience because no one wants to wait for a long time to use the website. Therefore, a good way should increase the loading speed for the website by adjusting the image size appropriately, for example, changing the image file format from .Jpeg, .png to . webp, etc. (Try to understand more about the page speed of the website and how to make it faster at What is Page Speed? Suggest a way to speed up your page speed like a turbo!)

Make internal links on website pages

Creating internal links will allow users to access other pages. of the website more easily It also helps Google see the links of various web pages. more clearly, too As for how to make a good internal link, there are many ways as follows:

– Write so that every page has an Internal Link linking to other articles.

– Write an intro that encourages people to click the link, e.g. explaining what kind of content the link will lead to.

– Make the internal links stand out, such as making a button or making the text have color. so that people know they can click the link

– Should make a link that clicks to Same window or opens in the same window. No need to press New Tab.

– Use the related words of the main keyword to write in the link text.

– Do not use Internal Links in the same keyword that lead to many pages.

– Words that are Focus Keywords on that page should not do internal links.

Customize URLs

It is recommended to make URL friendly for your website by making the URL short and concise with clear meaning. Including there should be a keyword used in the URL as well


Organic CTR is important to SEO รับทำ SEO  as it is a metric that determines how attractive your content is. And increase the chances of making a sale. Therefore, if wanting to increase Organic CTR, content must be adjusted to meet user needs, such as customizing URLs, images, descriptions, etc., to increase interest and benefit to users as much as possible. the most

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