What Are The Dangers Of Having Rats On Your Manchester Property?

Whether it is your residential or commercial property, rats’ infestation is the most common problem to avoid the most. Rats can potentially spread various diseases, damages your valuable belongings and property, and ruin your lifestyle. Rats’ front teeth keep growing and to keep it sharp they gnaw everything around them.

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How can you make out the signs of a rat infestation in your property?

If you feel there is rat infestation in your property, look for the below signs to reveal the truth.

  1. Rats emit very strong ammonia smell around them. They are also very noisy often with squeaking, scratching, and scrabbling noises.
  2. You may notice dark pellet-shaped droppings. These are created by rats as they move through your property. You may also find grease marks along the walls. These are routes created by rats as they have poor eyesight.
  3. You can sneak into the dusty corner of rarely used areas of your premises to find the footprints of rats.
  4. Rats chew through most of your households items. Common signs of rat infestation are gnaw marks, shredded papers, and damaged soft objects.

Why are rats a sign of danger in your property?

Rats possess health hazards due to the harmful parasites and bacteria they host. They move around your premises and come in contact with most of your household objects which you touch frequently. Rats also leave behind their urine, feces, and saliva. They may also bite while you are sleeping. These all threats help to spread various diseases like Hantavirus, Salmonellosis, rate-bite fever, and plague.

They can smell your food to contaminate and spoil them. This results in wastage of food which is a great loss to you. Rats have sharp teeth to chew through electrical wires and rip up insulation to create fire hazards. They can even damage your furniture by burrowing into cushions. They have an ability to nest in walls, sinks, and electrical appliances to destroy them. They can even rip out your books and clothes.

How do you get rid of rats in your property?

You can follow steps to minimize the population of rats and get rid of them over time. Here are some of the tips to follow.

  1. Seal all the gaps and holes to block passage and burrows for rats with wire wool, caulk, metal plates or cement.
  2. Keep all food sources in tightly sealed containers. Also, clean your bins and keep them closed as they are also a good source food for rats.
  3. Rats dislike open spaces but like unclean areas. Hence, you must keep your property clean, sanitized and free from debris piles.
  4. You may set traps in high-activity area of rats to catch them.

You may also seek the help of pest control professionals to eliminate rats from your property.

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