What Are the Dimensions of a Standard Business Card?

You may be wondering what is the standard size of a business card. In the metric system, the standard business card size is 8.9 x 5.1 cm. In millimeters, the standard business card size is 88.9 x 50.8 mm. You will likely find a template online that is compatible with both sizes. However, you should note that the printed area of your business card is significantly smaller than the final cut size.

A standard business card is 3.5 inches by 2.0 inches (or 8.9 x 5.1 cm). A bleed area of one eighth inch is necessary for printing. In order to avoid a white border along the edges of the card when it is cut in the middle, your design must be within this space. You can also create a bleed area by allowing an extra 1/8 inch border on each edge.

Whether or not your business card is 3.5 inches by 2 inches is largely dependent on where you live. US business cards are generally the standard size and can be as small as 1.75″ wide or as wide as 3.5 inches by two inches. In the rest of the world, business card sizes vary, but the majority fall within the standard 2″ x 3.5″ size range. As long as you know the exact size, you can easily get your business card printed and distributed.

Different design styles and different materials may require a different size of business cards. By using different sizes, you will stand out amongst the sea of standard rectangles and make a memorable impression. However, think outside the box. Think outside the box, but remember that thinking out of the box may have its downsides. Always remember that you only have ten to 20 seconds to make a good impression.

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